MATTITUCK - There is a turf war in Mattituck where parents are taking sides over whether to replace the grass on their children's ballfield with artificial turf.

Mattituck Parks District is considering spending $800,000 to renovate the field at Aldrich Lane Park and replace it with artificial turf.

Supporters of the synthetic field say the high initial cost will be outweighed by lower maintenance costs and year-round use.

However, some residents think that lower-cost natural sod is a better option and safer. Opponents point to recent studies of potential cancer-causing chemicals in the fill that the turf uses.

Three federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, are researching the cancer claims and expect to have a report out later this year.

If the board decides to go with the artificial turf plan, there will be a voter referendum on it later this summer.

Mattituck Park District did not respond to News 12's call to comment on this story.