BRENTWOOD - Opening statements were heard Tuesday in the trial of a man accused of gunning down his estranged wife's boyfriend. 

Police say Quinton Rubin, of Brentwood, murdered Sean Berry in 2012 because Berry was seeing his estranged wife. 

"He came to the house at 4:30 in the morning and he murdered Mr. Berry in cold blood.  He shot him five times,” Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Glenn Kurtzrock told the court today.

Rubin's attorney, Eric Besso told the judge and jury that his client held “no ill will against the Bay Shore man.”  Besso also says there was no confession in this case and no forensic evidence linking Rubin to the crime.

Kurtzrock says Rubin’s estranged wife Melissa Oyola was an eyewitness to the shooting.

The trial continues Wednesday.