LONG BEACH - It's still too soon to say how many homes on Long Island will have to be condemned, but thousands of Long Islanders have been displaced by Superstorm Sandy. Officials are still inspecting damage to homes in both counties, but Nassau Executive Ed Mangano has said a "shocking number" of homes will be condemned. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he expects tens of thousands of New Yorkers to require long-term housing options in Sandy's wake. In the City of Long Beach, where Sandy was particularly devastating, officials say they are still assessing the damage and it's too soon to say how many homes will be declared uninhabitable. City Manager Jack Schnirman says he expects it to be in the thousands, and says he's not opposed to FEMA bringing in trailers as it did in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina. A Suffolk County spokeswoman declined to speculate on how many residents there may need long-term housing.

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