LONG BEACH - Two people drowned and dozens had to be rescued from dangerous rip currents at Long Island beaches over the weekend.

A 23-year-old man from Brooklyn drowned when he was caught in a riptide in Long Beach on Saturday. Lifeguards formed a human chain along the shoreline to find Kashawn Carlos after he went under while swimming with a friend. Carlos' body was discovered about an hour later.

Police say the pair had gone swimming at around 6:30 p.m., after lifeguards had left for the day and after beachgoers had been warned to stay out of the water.

Later that same day, another man from Brooklyn died in a rip current at Westhampton Beach. That man's identity has not been released.

Long Beach lifeguard John Skudin says more than 120 people had to be rescued from rough surf over the weekend as thousands flocked to the beach amid sweltering summer temperatures.

Lifeguards along the South Shore were on high alert Monday as conditions continued to be ripe for rip currents.

Authorities warn that swimmers should only go in the water when there are lifeguards on duty. Anyone who gets stuck in a rip current is advised to keep calm and to swim parallel to the beach to avoid being pulled further out.