JONES BEACH - With temperatures in the 80s, many people were looking to cool down today at Long Island beaches, but those who did faced a hidden danger.

The National Weather Service issued a moderate rip current warning affecting beaches across Long Island and in New York City.

Today alone, lifeguards on Jones Beach rescued more than a dozen people from the choppy water.

Lifeguards say staying in shallow waters doesn't guarantee protection from the violent pull of riptide.

"People have this misconception, 'Well, if I stay close to the beach, I'll be alright,'" says supervising lifeguard Carl Epstein. "In actuality, you can drown right at the shoreline."

Epstein adds that swimmers are at even greater risk early in the season when they're not used to the water. He advises beachgoers who get caught in a rip current to swim parallel to the shore and avoid panicking.