HAUPPAUGE - Suffolk County dug itself into a $47 million budget hole in 2015, according to officials.

When the county released its 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Legislator Leslie Kennedy said she didn't have to read the full 204 pages to know the finances were in trouble.

"Dropped a level on bond rating," she said. "If we don't come up with suggestions, we'll possibly drop another level."

County Executive Steve Bellone blamed part of the shortfall on a decline in sales tax revenue, but he added that despite the deficit, the budget remains under the tax cap.

And although the deficit marred the report, there were also some positives. Unemployment dropped to just 4.8 percent, lower than both state and national averages.

But many Suffolk County residents who spoke with News 12 were unimpressed with the deficit and said their taxes are too high for the county to be in this position.