LONG BEACH - Tropical Storm Irene was not enough to stop the Quiksilver professional surfing competition from going on as planned in Long Beach, but it did wipe out the arts festival and concert portions of the event.

Organizers of the Quiksilver Pro New York Surf Contest, set to begin Sept. 4, say they were forced to scrap the entertainment activities due to hurricane cleanup.

Long Beach officials estimate the tournament could generate up to $15 million for the local economy. However, with the concerts and BMX and skate demonstrations called off, some businesses say it'll hurt their bottom lines.

Residents and surfing fans rallied outside City Hall to urge officials to keep the entire program of the event as planned.

The Quiksilver Pro is scheduled to start its 11-day "holding period" on Sept. 5. The Quiksilver Pro trials presented by Unsound Surf will run on Sept. 4.

Long Beach recovers from storm; surfing competition still on