HEMPSTEAD - An Inwood man is accused of injuring a police officer after he was allegedly caught with drugs in his car in Hempstead.

Police say 26-year-old Robert Robinson was spotted talking on a cellphone while driving without a hands-free device, and also switching lanes without signaling several times. When an officer pulled Robinson over, drugs were spotted in a clear plastic bag inside the vehicle.

Officials say that when Robinson was asked to exit his vehicle, he sped off, hitting the officer and a Jeep that was parked nearby. He later ditched his own car, a 1998 Buick, and fled on foot.

Police caught up with him after an extensive manhunt, and they say they recovered bags of marijuana and cocaine that Robinson had allegedly tossed into a nearby driveway.

Robinson is now facing several charges, including possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence and leaving the scene of an accident, as well as numerous traffic law violations.