GARDEN CITY - Officials and residents in Nassau County protested a proposal by PSEG that would include the construction of almost two dozen "monster poles."

According to Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, PSEG says that it will be replacing underground cable. Instead of replacing the lines underground, PSEG plans to install 19 "monster poles" that are 80 feet tall along Commercial Avenue.

Most poles in the area are between 35 and 40 feet, Murray says. She also says that when asked why the replacement cables won't be installed underground, PSEG cited cost as a reason.

Murray, along with other elected officials and residents, are calling on PSEG to scrap its plan, as they say it would be disrespectful toward those living nearby. They say that PSEG should instead bury the replacement cable underground.

A PSEG spokesperson says the poles would be the most cost-effective, sustainable and reliable way to replace the cable. They also say the poles would not be built in residential areas, but in more industrial areas such as those near train tracks.

The spokesperson says this is just a proposal and that all options are on the table, stating, "While we believe that we have proposed the most economical, reliable and resilient solution, we welcome any and all feedback that our customers may have."

PSEG will hold a community meeting to address residents' concerns on Wednesday, April 1.