OYSTER BAY - The FBI has recovered the boat that capsized on July 4, killing three children, and officials have raised it onto a dock for examination.

FBI divers started their mission yesterday to raise the 34-foot Silverton cruiser that was under 60 feet of water in Cold Spring Harbor. Nassau County police say they ran into two problems during their efforts, including the safety of the divers and the fact that the boat was stuck in the mud. According to officials, the bottom of the sound was muddy and the movement created by the current plus the movement created by the divers was creating a visibility hazard.

News 12 Long Island has learned that the divers were hardly able to see their hands in front of them during the mission.

Police say the divers wrapped straps around the bottom of the boat and deployed airbags to raise it to 30-feet and then eventually to the surface. Police say 27 people were on board, but a lawyer for the boat operator said he does not believe overcrowding was the reason the boat capsized.

Nassau police will examine the craft at the dock for obvious holes that may have caused the ship to sink before taking the ship overland to the police department's marine Bureau in East Rockaway for further examination.

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