HAUPPAUGE - Officials say a man posing as a psychologist tried to sell drugs to police.

Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota says 46-year old Adam Goldrusso, of Huntington, was charged with posing as a neuropsychologist. He says Goldrusso says he was treating upward of 150-200 patients.

Goldrusso is also accused of selling a large quantity of marijuana to an undercover detective on Gaines Street in Huntington.

Detectives say they found marijuana, cocaine, steroids, syringes, hashish and hallucinogenic mushrooms in Goldrusso's home. His alleged drug supplier, Oyster Bay Town laborer Mike Scappaticci, is also charged.

Spota says many of Goldrusso's patients still don't know he is a fraud.

Goldrusso pleaded not guilty and faces up to seven years in prison, if convicted.

The district attorney's office is asking Goldrusso's former patients to call 631-853-5428.