WOODBURY - Utility customers and local officials are questioning the Department of Public Services after it drastically scaled down its rate hike recommendation to PSEG Long Island and LIPA Monday.

At first, the DPS recommended that the utility's proposed $440 million rate hike should be reduced by 78 percent. On Monday, it acknowledged a major mistake and said the increase should be dialed back by only 37 percent.

Brookhaven town and Suffolk County officials are calling on the New York state comptroller to review and reject the utility's proposed hike, which amounts to a 4 percent increase for rate payers annually for the next three years.

"This is a fight about the future of Long Island. Make no mistake about it," says Brookhaven Town Supervisor Ed Romaine.

PSEG and LIPA say they are reviewing the revised testimony submitted by the DPS and will formally respond on June 10.

The New York state comptroller has not yet responded to Brookhaven's request.