WOODBURY - Officials say a heroin pipeline stretching from Mexico and through Long Island was unraveled by an investigation that started in Brentwood.

The bust, dubbed Operation Dirty Dope, is being called the largest in the history of the state's Organized Crime Task Force. 

Authorities seized more than 72 pounds of heroin and more than four pounds of fentanyl, valued at $13 million. The drugs were laced with lethal chemicals, including Novocain, nail polish remover and roach killer.

Officials say their investigation started in Brentwood after state police noticed a spike in the heroin trade in the community. Investigators say they caught the dealers using undercover agents, confidential informants and surveillance video.

Officials say the ring started in Mexico and ran through Arizona and then New York, Long Island, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

News 12 Long Island has learned 25 people, including several from Suffolk County, have been indicted in connection to the smuggling ring.