RIVERHEAD - A grand jury officially charged three teens with rape and robbery Friday stemming from an alleged Brentwood attack last week.

Prosecutors say Jose Cornejo, 17, Joel Escobar, 17, and Bryan Larios, 17, all of Brentwood, approached a young man and a 16-year-old girl at the footbridge near Brentwood East Middle School last Friday evening.

They allegedly said they were members of the MS-13 gang, then robbed and severely beat up the young man. Prosecutors say they took the girl to a secluded part of the nearby Brentwood Country Club, and Cornejo and Escobar raped her.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said the girl suffered "200 cuts on her entire body" due to nearby thorn bushes.

Prosecutors say the victim in this case was able to identify Cornejo by a unique tattoo on his face.

The accused teens face could 25 years or more in prison for their alleged crimes. Their attorneys did not have any comment for News 12.

They were held without bail and will be back in court next month.