WOODBURY - Police officials say the report on crime spikes in areas where Nassau precincts have been merged is misleading.

The officials say that while there has been a jump in crime, the increase has nothing to do with the mergers.

"We have three merged precincts and two of the precincts are up and one of them is down," Nassau Deputy Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter said. "The truth is that's sort of what happens- you have ups and downs when you look at small periods of time."

Krumpter also said that the police force has more officers out on the street now than it did prior to the mergers. Overall, Krumpter says major crimes in Nassau are down 0.29 percent for the same time period.

According to Nassau police records, major crime rose nearly 19 percent in the merged precinct made up of the Third and Sixth precincts. Crime jumped nearly 11 percent in the merged Fourth and Fifth precincts.

Last year, Nassau merged the precincts and downgraded them to community policing centers.