WYANDANCH - Officials say a 12-year-old boy who was cutting across Long Island Rail Road tracks today got his foot stuck and was then shocked and burned by the electrified third rail.It happened at around 2 p.m. just west of the Wyandanch train station, near South 27th Street. Officials say the boy was taking a shortcut by crossing the tracks with two of his friends when he got stuck. The third rail burned his leg, officials say, and one of his friends who tried to free him also suffered burns to his hand.The third boy, who was not injured, ran to get help. Good Samaritans who were nearby rushed to free the boy, and they tell News 12 Long Island he was lying face-down on the tracks when they reached him.All three boys were taken to Good Samaritan Hospital but are expected to be OK. The children's identities have not been released. The incident is under investigation by MTA police.