WOODBURY - With a potential Long Island Rail Road strike looming, the MTA and railroad unions are heading back to the bargaining table with the National Mediation Board next week.

The announcement comes as some state senators urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to get personally involved with the negotiations in an effort to avoid a strike on July 20.

"We need to have full force of the executive branch brought to bear so that there is a real negotiation," said state Sen. Kemp Hannon (R – Garden City).

Political analyst Jerry Kremer says Gov. Cuomo has the power and influence to get involved, since he appoints MTA board members and the MTA president by charter. He believes the governor will be under more pressure to get involved as the deadline nears, especially in an election year.

Gov. Cuomo’s office told News 12 that they are aware of the senator's request, but no decision has been made.