HEMPSTEAD - Parents in Hempstead say they're outraged that two special education teachers have been instructing their children since the start of the school year without proper certification.A state Education Department investigation has found that two teachers who were substituting in the Hempstead School District for the past six months were uncertified. The teachers had been filling in for Dr. Mary Anne Leach, who is no longer with the school district, officials say.

The Education Department also says that the school district never responded to its request for more information. District officials claim the hirings were a "personnel oversight," adding that one of the teachers was expected to pass her certification, but did not.

The school says both temporary teachers were replaced on Feb. 28. An attorney who filed a complaint against the district, however, says that he has learned one of the uncertified teachers is still teaching classes. Parents who have children in the district, which is one of the most troubled on Long Island, say the special education students should get the quality instruction they deserve.