FREEPORT - Officials say a boating accident off the coast of Freeport left one person dead and another seriously injured today. The accident happened at the end of Woodcleft Canal at around 2 p.m. Police say the victims, three men in their 50s, were returning home from a duck hunt when the operator of the vessel, a 19-foot Garvey, may have become distracted and struck Pole No. 13 in the water. Detective Lt. Kevin Smith, of the Nassau County Police Department, says the boat operator died after his head struck the pole, a second man broke his back and a third was ejected out of the boat into the freezing water.Police say the man who fell overboard was able to climb back into the boat and used a hammer to free the vessel, which got stuck on the pole. He then proceeded to call for help and performed CPR on one of his injured companions. The victims were transported to Nassau University Medical Center. The Nassau Marine Bureau is investigating the cause of the accident.