FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. - (AP) - Brimming with pride, President BarackObama embraced the U.S. commandos he sent after terror mastermindOsama bin Laden, saluting them Friday on behalf of America andpeople all over the world. "Job well done," he declared.

Speaking to a hangar full of cheering soldiers, Obama said:"Thanks to the incredible skill and courage of countlessindividuals - intelligence, military over many years - theterrorist leader that struck our nation 9/11 will never threatenAmerica again."

The president addressed the larger group after meeting privatelywith the full assault team - Army helicopter pilots and Navy SEALcommandos - who executed the dangerous raid on bin Laden's compoundand killed the al-Qaida leader in Pakistan early Monday.,"

At an Army post whose troops have sustained heavy losses in anAfghanistan war that has grown on his watch, Obama said: "We areultimately going to defeat al-Qaida." Still, he warned that thefight against terrorists still rages.

Capping an extraordinary week for the military, the nation andhimself, he called the bin Laden raid one of the most successfulintelligence and military operations in America's history.

Vice President Joe Biden joined Obama in a briefing and inthanking the members of the mission behind closed doors. He emergedto the broader audience of troops and put it bluntly: "We justspent time with the assaulters who got bin Laden."