WOODBURY - The state says New Yorkers could see a 50 percent drop in health care costs under the upcoming Obamacare exchange, which takes effect early next year. However, some Long Islanders tell News 12 they don't believe it.

According to the plan, some 17 insurers will offer coverage that will come in four tiers. The tiers are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each plan will have a standard set of benefits and will allow people to choose between insurers based on the price.

Officials say some people purchasing health insurance on their own must pick a new plan beginning Oct. 1.

The Nassau Suffolk Hospital Council in Hauppauge has been selected by the state as one of the agencies to help people wade through the plans in the Obamacare exchange.

Officials say there will be plans that perhaps might have a $15 co-pay or a $40 co-pay. It all depends on what you select from among those plans that were approved to sell on the exchange.