HICKSVILLE - President Barack Obama is putting pressure on lawmakers to pass his $450 billion jobs bill to boost the economy and get Americans back to work.

The president discussed the plan today in Richmond, Va. after introducing it to the U.S. Congress last night. The plan would slash Social Security payroll tax, extend unemployment benefits and grant big tax breaks to small businesses that hire the unemployed.

Republican leaders have said they could work with Obama on parts of the plan, but the bill still faces heavy opposition from conservatives.

Many Long Islanders say they support the new legislation. In Hicksville, Office Furniture owner Tom Nieves said that if it were to pass, the tax incentives would allow him to add 22 full-time employees.

According to recent Labor Department statistics, there are 14 million Americans out of work nationwide, with 117,000 on Long Island.

Obama unveils $450 billion plan to boost jobs, economy