WOODBURY - President Obama made his case last night when he explained to the nation why America has intervened in Libya.

Obama defended his actions saying the U.S. led response has stopped Mommar Gadhafi's advances and stopped a slaughter that could have shaken the stability of an entire region.

Still, some Americans are not sure what the U.S. is doing in Libya.Obama will continue to defend the involvement in New York today.

Obama says the U.S. intervened to prevent a slaughter of civilians that would have "stained the world's conscience and been a betrayal of who we are as Americans."

Rep. Peter King who heads the House Homeland Security committee talked to News 12 Long Island after the address and says he does not know what Obama's end game is.

Obama offered no estimate of when the surge might end last night but did tell Americans that the U.S. will become a supporter rather than a leader in the attack.

NATO is set to take command on Wednesday and Obama stressed that nobody is specifically targeting Moammar Gadhafi, calling that a mistake that would be as costly as the war in Iraq. U.S. officials: Libyan operation could last monthsU.S. likely to keep combat role after Libya shift