OAK BEACH - The family of New Jersey prostitute Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance back in May set off the search at Gilgo Beach, says just days after the 24-year-old went missing, they received a troubling call from an Oak Beach resident.

The resident, Dr. Peter Hackett, says he never even heard Gilbert's name until about a week after she was reported missing from the Oak Beach community where he lives. Still, the Jersey City woman's sister insists someone called her mother, claiming to be Dr. Hackett, and said that Gilbert was in his house.

Speaking to News 12 Long Island today, Hackett denied making the call, saying the allegations are "hurtful."

Hackett added that he doesn't believe anyone was trying to set him up.

When asked about the alleged call during a news conference today, Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said the story about the call was debunked, declining to elaborate on the matter.

"The homicide squad is going to check with the Gilbert family to follow up on that," he added.

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