WOODBURY - State lawmakers are expected to pass legislation by the end of the week to help curb prescription drug abuse.The new legislation would create a statewide online registry for prescription drugs. Doctors would be mandated to check the database when writing prescriptions for painkillers like oxycodone, and pharmacists would be required to consult the registry when filling those prescriptions.State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says this legislation makes New York a model for the rest of the country.Some doctors have pushed back against the legislation, saying it's too time consuming and citing concerns about privacy. Jeff Reynolds, with the Long Island Coalition Against Drugs, says he worries that legislators will think their job is done after the bill passes. He says preventing addicts from getting pills could force many to seek help, and he wants to ensure that there are ample opportunities for treatment. The state Legislature is expected to vote on the bill within the next few days and Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign it.

NY lawmakers reach deal on I-Stop prescription databaseVote squelched on I-Stop painkiller bill; talks continue