HEMPSTEAD - The New York state attorney general announced Tuesday that he has secured an agreement with Hempstead School District to ensure all children receive equal educational opportunities regardless of their immigration status.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office launched an investigation into the district in October after allegations that dozens of children were told there wasn't room for them and were put on so-called “waiting lists.”

Hempstead School Board President Lamont Johnson has previously told News 12 that no waiting list ever existed.

The attorney general released findings of the investigation that say in part, “The [district's] wait list contained entries for 64 students of various ages." It goes on to say, “as of Feb. 2015, by the district's own admission, numerous students on the wait list were still awaiting enrollment."

Under the agreement, Hempstead schools must appoint an overseer to provide internal oversight over enrollment policies. That person will be responsible for administering the district's enrollment process.

They must also retain an independent monitor to ensure compliance with law and offer additional educational services to students who have been kept out of class.

Within 14 days, the district must submit revised enrollment materials for the attorney general's approval, as well as written procedures for handling enrollment process.

Calls to Lamont Johnson have not been returned.