WOODBURY - A nurse practitioner convicted of running a multimillion-dollar pill mill in Suffolk County was sentenced Tuesday morning.

Ingrid Gordon-Patterson, 49, of Patchogue was sentenced to nine to 19 years, plus four years post supervision.

According to officials, Gordon-Patterson wrote over 1,200 prescriptions for oxycodone at her pain management clinic in Deer Park.

Investigators believe Gordon-Patterson made $1 million in just a year.

Assistant District Attorney Dina Cangero says the people who bought those prescriptions resold about 400,000 pain pills.

"That's over $6 million in oxycodone tablets being dispersed throughout the illegal market," says Cangero.

Gordon-Patterson tearfully addressed the court before sentencing and asked the judge for sympathy saying she didn't know her patients would resell the pills and thought they needed it. The judge said she must be in a "state of denial."

A total of nine people were indicted in connection with the alleged prescription pill conspiracy. Eight have been convicted or pleaded guilty. One man, who allegedly resold the oxycodone, is still awaiting trial.