EAST MORICHES - Federal officials say they will not reopen their investigation into the explosion of TWA Flight 800 off East Moriches.

The National Transportation Safety Board has denied a request to reconsider its findings in the TWA disaster.

The board says a team of investigators, which was not part of the original probe, believes that a buildup of fumes in the center fuel tank caused the blast.

The explosion, which occurred on July 17, 1996, killed all 230 people on board, including 14 Long Island residents.

Dozens of eyewitnesses claimed to have seen something far different.

Physicist Tom Stalcup and a half-dozen of the original TWA investigators petitioned to have the probe reopened. They cited new radar evidence and previously excluded eyewitness accounts.

"I know exactly what I saw," said former military pilot Fred Meyer. "I saw four missiles. The first thing I picked up was the vapor trail, and I saw the vapor trail cross the sky."

In a newly released report, the NTSB says that none of the physical evidence supports the theory that the streak of light observed was a missile.

Stalcup says he believes the government has something to hide. Despite the NTSB closing the door on the TWA disaster investigation, Dr. Stalcup says he isn't giving up his fight. He's planning legal action in federal court.

A TWA 800 memorial service will be held on July 17 at Smith Point Park.