NORTHPORT - The Northport-East Northport School District is joining the Town of Huntington in a legal battle against the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) over taxes.

As News 12 Long Island first reported in October of last year, LIPA is suing the town over the property taxes it pays for the Northport power plant. The utility company currently pays $70 million a year on the plant, but it wants to pay just $7 million.

If LIPA wins, it could mean a loss of up to $47 million for the school district. According to School Board President Stephen Waldenburg, the district would either have to raise school taxes by 50 percent, drastically cut programs and staff, or a combination of both.

LIPA didn't comment today, but it has not yet seen the lawsuit from the school district. The utility has said that it's willing to talk with the town about a possible settlement, but Huntington officials say they'll only talk after LIPA drops the suit.