NORTHPORT - Some Northport High School students are scrambling for a ride and their money after a company allegedly canceled their party bus days before the prom.

The Northport High School senior prom is tomorrow night and the girls tell News 12 that they had to find a new ride within days.

The teens say they booked a party bus more than a month ago with the company, but on Monday, the company called them up and said they wouldn't have a bus. The girls claim they haven't gotten their money back yet.

The company used to have offices in Brentwood, but News 12 has learned that it appears it has been shut down. At this point, the girls say they just want their money back.

News 12 reached out to the company, who also has an office in Queens, and was told to e-mail them to get further information.

Meanwhile, the girls do say they found a corporate bus that will take them to the prom tomorrow.