NORTH LINDENHURST - A North Lindenhurst man says Suffolk County is sending him red light camera violation summonses even though he’s not the one who committed the infractions.

Domenic Maffettone, 84, has received at least 10 tickets for turning right on a red light at Commack Road since December 2012. He says the vehicle pictured in the mailed summonses is not his.

"It's not my car. It's a silver car with the same plates I had 14 years ago," Maffettone told News 12.

It turns out the DMV reissued his old plate number with a NY Yankee logo on it. Since then, he has received fines totaling nearly $700. He says he has dozens of letters from the DMV and Suffolk County Red Light Safety Program that threaten to suspend his registration and demand he appear in court.

Maffettone managed to clear his name of seven violations. The DMV has even sent him letters acknowledging the mix up.

"They know it's not me and they're sorry to inconvenience me and all that," he says.

At this point, Suffolk County is still demanding he pay $105.

In the last week, Maffettone has reached out to Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone for help.