NORTH HEMPSTEAD - The Town of North Hempstead has approved a controversial measure to euthanize the local Canada geese population after several failed attempts to rid the area of the invasive creatures.

The town has tried using dogs and noise guns to spook the geese away, and has also oiled goose eggs so they don't hatch, but to no avail. Residents complain that the geese are a nuisance because they take over areas and leave the ground littered with their droppings.

The USDA still must review the plan and rule that the town has done enough to attempt to combat the problem. If the agency agrees, the town would pay the USDA for the service, and the geese would be processed. Typically, the USDA says it uses carbon dioxide to euthanize geese.

Their meat would then be donated to food pantries.

Local animal activists are heartbroken over the plan. Some argue that the effort will likely be futile because more Canada geese will only return to the area anyway.