RIVERHEAD - As tens of thousands of children cross into the U.S. without documentation, some Long Island families are turning to a center in Riverhead to help them reunite with their children.

The North Fork Spanish Apostolate says it sees between four and five new families come through their door each day.

Two immigrant sisters who live in Riverhead are hoping the center can help reunite them with their sons, ages 12 and 10. The boys made it safely to the U.S. after traveling with a group of strangers, but now they are among the tens of thousands of children being held at overburdened detention centers around the country.

The sisters hope the center's director, Sister Margaret Smyth, can help get their sons released. Smyth says it will be up to U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement to determine if the boys and their parents, who are also undocumented, can stay here in search of a better life.

The center not only reunites families, it also helps children enroll in school and offers English classes.