WOODBURY - Norovirus may have sickened dozens of people who ate at the Swan Club in Roslyn, according to the catering venue.

In a statement, the business said a doctor identified the virus in one person who had eaten there. Between two events over the weekend, more than 100 people became sick.

The Swan Club's general manager said she called Nassau health officials as soon as she received the first complaint.

The county's health commissioner issued a closure order, and the venue was closed Thursday as it was cleaned and sanitized. In a statement issued Thursday night, the Swan Club said that the Nassau County Department of Health had cleared the venue to reopen.

"We not only complied with the recommendations of the Health Department, in terms of scrubbing the kitchen and restrooms, we hired an independent contractor to clean carpeting, furnishings, bridal rooms and dance floors and additionally to fog them with a special solution that removes any possible lingering bacteria and viruses," the statement said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, norovirus – which is spread by infected people, contaminated food and contaminated surfaces – is highly contagious. Symptoms can include stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting.

Norovirus can be deadly but is common and treatable, according to the CDC.