WOODBURY - Nassau Executive Ed Mangano promised there would be no property tax hikes in his new budget, but his spending plan includes new fees and fee increases.

The plan would tack a $105 public safety fee onto motor vehicle tickets, and Mangano says the revenue will cover the hiring of new police officers. It means that starting in January, a red-light camera ticket could cost drivers more than $200.

The Consumer Affairs Department would also require health clubs, tattoo parlors and piercing facilities to be licensed through their office and pay a licensing fee, but the amount is not yet clear.

The budget also includes a car impound fee of $500, and the admission fee for the Old Bethpage Village Restoration will increase by $1.

The fees are projected to bring in a total of $84 million, including $66 million from the new public safety fee, officials say.

"The unprecedented times in which we live require an increase in our police force to protect the safety and welfare of our residents and will reduce overtime costs in policing public events," Mangano said.

A spokeswoman for the Nassau Legislature Republican caucus says they are still reviewing the budget.