EAST ISLIP - Visitors to Heckscher State Park were greeted by signs saying that the park's pool and multiple campgrounds are closed and will not be opening this summer season.

While residents such as Bob Rourke, of Oakdale, are blaming the closures on Albany, State Parks Regional Director George Gorman says the decision to keep the pool closed had nothing to do with lack of funding.

"We've literally been duct-taping some pipes and all sorts of things to make sure that the pool was open and available to the public," he says.

Gorman adds that even though Long Island's parks saw $1.3 million in cuts, that sum would not have covered the cost to fix the 35-year-old broken-down pool.

The park's campgrounds get about 2,000 visitors a weekend. Last year, they were only open for three weeks before having to shut down due to a West Nile virus outbreak. Gorman says it just didn't pay to open them this year.

It remains unknown when the pool at Heckscher State Park will be repaired.