BELLMORE - A New Jersey man is facing charges for allegedly stealing money from a Long Island volunteer ambulance company.

Investigators say Brad Reiter stole $1.6 million from the Bellmore-Merrick EMS over the course of seven years. During that period, Reiter served as treasurer and president of the volunteer organization.

Acting District Attorney Madeline Singas says the 50-year-old hid the money in various bank accounts he opened in both Nassau and New Jersey.

Police say the EMS company realized money was missing when new people took leadership roles back in January.

Prosecutors say Reiter used the money he stole to pay for personal expenses such as his credit card bill, a security system for his house and landscaping services.

In a statement, Bellmore-Merrick EMS said, "We are stunned by this betrayal of trust that was uncovered by our organization. Our standard of care and ability to serve the community has not diminished."

Reiter was charged with grand larceny. He pleaded not guilty during his arraignment Tuesday.

Reiter's attorney Samuel Rieff told News 12 that his client is "looking forward to his day in court" and he believes "everything will go well."