WOODBURY - NIFA Chairman Jon Kaiman is upping the pressure on Nassau County to rescind controversial raises given to non-union workers despite a wage freeze being in effect.

Newsday reports that 32 raises were given to non-union workers in the county. County officials maintain those workers took on added responsibilities and saved the county money in many cases.

NIFA chairman Jon Kaiman maintains the raises violate the wage freeze imposed in 2011. The county believed the freeze applied only to union workers. Kaiman says the freeze covers all county workers, union and non-union, as well as all departments, regardless of individual budgets.

“If the county can't afford it, if they don't have the money to give wage increases to everybody, then nobody should get those wage increases,” says Kaiman.

Earlier this week, Kaiman sent a letter to County Executive Ed Mangano, calling on him to cancel the raises. Kaiman sent additional letters today to the county comptroller, district attorney, clerk and the Board of Elections.

Kaiman says the board hasn't yet discussed whether the wage freeze will be extended another year. He also says the wage freeze does not apply to promotions or changes in job titles. Kaiman plans to meet with county department heads individually to discuss this issue.