NIFA: Nassau County could face hiring freeze

NIFA is exploring a possible hiring freeze for Nassau County if it doesn't rescind raises that were recently given to non-union employees. (1/13/14)

WOODBURY - Nassau County is already under a wage freeze, but it could also face a hiring freeze if it doesn't rescind raises it recently gave to some workers, according to NIFA, the watchdog board tasked with overseeing the county's finances.

As News 12 Long Island reported last week, NIFA Chairman Jon Kaiman sent a letter to County Executive Ed Mangano asking him to "claw back" nearly $1 million in raises that went to non-union county workers. The raises were given despite a wage freeze implemented by NIFA nearly three years ago.

Mangano responded in a letter that said new job titles would be given to appointees who received pay increases.

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Now, News 12 has learned that NIFA is considering ways to close that loophole, possibly by issuing a hiring freeze.

“The county has proven once again to be irresponsible, and in my opinion, NIFA must take whatever measures necessary to roll back the raises," says NIFA Director George Marlin. "We believe the wage freeze covers all employees and if they're going to play games with promotions, I will support a motion to propose a hiring freeze."

Legislator Howard Koppel (R) said it makes sense to give promotions because the employees are doing more work, and therefore saving the county money.

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