UNIONDALE - NIFA signed off on Nassau's budget plan after adding stipulations allowing it to control the county's spending habits throughout the year.

NIFA originally rejected County Executive Ed Mangano's 2016 budget plan, saying it relied too heavily on shaky revenue assumptions.

The board has determined that the county's budget includes $81 million in risks. To address that, the board will review the county's finances on a quarterly basis in 2016.  

Nassau must demonstrate each quarter that a portion of its projected revenue is actually coming to fruition. If the county fails to do so, NIFA will slash funding to non-essential programs, and cut off any new spending. 

Mangano released this statement in response to the resolution.

"With the adopted budget in place, Nassau will continue to provide important services while keeping our county the safest large suburban county in the nation," the statement said.

Meanwhile, News 12 has learned that the Republican-led Legislature will vote later this month to approve raises for all 19 of the county's legislators. The legislators currently earn a little more than $39,000 per year. The bill calls for the legislators' salaries to nearly double.