AMITYVILLE - A Merrick woman who tried to sell her pit bull puppy on Craigslist says the buyer stole it and ran away.

Nicole Rispoli says she agreed to meet a man at a home on Overland Avenue Friday afternoon. She brought one of her puppies from a 6-week-old litter.

The buyer told her he wanted the dog as a surprise for his brother, and had to meet at his house before he returned home, she says.

But once the man had the puppy in his hands, Rispoli says he told her he wanted to see if it would get along with his own dog and started walking to another home on the street.

When he reached the yard of the second home, the man took off running.

Rispoli says she's worried about the puppy's survival.

"It's not ready to eat on its own," Rispoli says. "The person who took him is not ready to care for the dog."

Suffolk County police are investigating. They ask anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.