MASSAPEQUA - Starting Sunday, 11 Nassau Inter-County Express bus routes will no longer be in service, leaving many Nassau residents without a ride.

In November, the county's bus transit committee approved the service cuts as a way to offset NICE's $7.5 million budget deficit. The bus system is owned by the county, but operated by a private company.

NICE says the cuts will affect about 2 percent of its customers, but the organization that represents the riders says that number is still too high.

The company and county signaled a willingness to reinstate the routes if the county can secure more funding.

"While we understand the inconvenience it presents to riders, alternate routes are available," a representative for the Nassau bus transit committee tells News 12. "Traditionally, New York state provides additional transportation funds annually and Nassau is seeking such in 2016."

In addition to the service cuts, NICE customers were also hit with a 25-cent price hike earlier this month. Despite the changes, NICE still has about a $3.5 million budget deficit.