HICKSVILLE - It's Primary Day in New Hampshire today as the race for the Republican nomination for president continues.

Mitt Romney is seen as the favorite to win the first primary in the nation. Romney's team says New Hampshire is a must-win after pulling off a slim victory in the Iowa caucuses last week.

Jon Huntsman has jumped in the polls after devoting much of his time to the state recently. Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are all hoping to gain momentum from today's vote as well. Rick Perry, polling at the bottom, decided to give the state a pass and head right on to South Carolina.

Political Strategist Larry Levy however, believes New Hampshire is a shoe-in for Romney because he is a former governor from neighboring Massachusetts and owns a vacation home in New Hampshire.

Republican Long Island residents say they are watching what happens today, knowing they will get their turn to vote in a primary come April.