ISLANDIA - Suffolk OTB is reportedly eyeing the Marriott Hotel in Islandia as the site of a video lottery terminal casino.

Newsday says Delaware North and Suffolk OTB have asked Islandia officials for a permit to build the betting parlor at the Marriott, which is located on the North Service Road of the Long Island Expressway.

Suffolk OTB previously tried to build the facility in Medford, but the plan was ditched due to widespread protests.

Now, neighbors of the new proposed site are also voicing opposition.

Residents like Ken Smith, who live almost within the hotel's shadow, say they think the video lottery casino will ruin the neighborhood.

Smith claims the parlor would lower property values and increase crime in the neighborhood.

But some residents say a betting parlor would bring more jobs to the village.

"I don't think it's going to bring in riff-raff just to gamble," says Sal Rosselli.

Another resident pointed out that the hotel has direct access from the Long Island Expressway, so people wouldn't have to go through the neighborhood to get there.

Suffolk OTB officials declined News 12's request for an interview. Islandia officials have scheduled a public hearing on the permit request for July 5.