ELMONT - An 18-month investigation conducted by Newsday has uncovered that Hempstead Turnpike, also known as Route 24, is Long Island's bloodiest roadway for pedestrians.

During a recent five-year period, there were 459 accidents involving people on foot, 436 injuries and 30 fatalities.

This information doesn't come as a surprise to people like Dr. Syed Hussain, whose father was killed in 2005 while trying to cross the street in Elmont.

"They should have more pedestrian crossings," Hussain says.

Traffic expert Ryan Lynch, of AAA New York, agrees. He says Route 24 is an accident magnet, and it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign has proposed installing pedestrian countdowns at every light, pedestrian islands and meridians, as well as fences to deter jaywalking.

The Department of Transportation says it has installed countdowns at key intersections and painted new markings at bus stops and crossings, but it has no funds to do more.

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