News 12 Long Island's Elizabeth Hashagen has quick and easy ways to go green!

Part I: Simple Steps - April 22
Monday we show you simple steps to help save the planet: all you need is a minute or less to make a difference. Celebrate Earth Day with News 12 Long Island's Green Minute.
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Part II: Smart Shopping - April 23
Want to be a smarter shopper? Tuesday we show you how to green your groceries. What's good for you and the planet in part two of our Green Minute.
More Information:
EPA: Let's Go Green Shopping
Healthy Life Foundation: Green Shopping Tips Waste-free shopping

Part III: Cleaner Commute - April 24
In part three of Green Minute, we show you how to have a cleaner commute. You can go green and save green with these quick tips that take less than a minute.
More Information:
Nassau County: Green Your Commute
DOT: Drive more efficiently Green commute