BRENTWOOD - Video obtained by News 12 Long Island shows Brentwood High School security guards throwing a high school student to the ground and physically restraining him during a football game last week.

The incident is now under investigation by the district and police. The video, which lasts just over two minutes, shows a number of security guards holding the student down.

A Brentwood football player told News 12 that the incident started in the locker room after a game.  He says the student being restrained in the video, who's not a football player, went into the locker room to start a fight with a player.  He says the team told that student to leave.

Police say the confrontation between the two students continued outside. That's when they say security told the student who's not on the team to leave school grounds. Police say the situation turned physical after the student refused to leave.

Those who have seen the video told News 12 that the use of force may have been excessive by the security guards.

"It's a little too much…I know kids can be knuckleheads, but you don't have to get that physical. He's a kid," said Shane Williams, a Brentwood High School graduate from 2008.

The 16-year-old student was charged with criminal trespass. It was not immediately clear if police are considering charges against the security guards.

Brentwood School District released a statement saying, "As soon as the district became aware of an incident involving physical contact between a student and one or more security guards, it began an immediate investigation. Pending the investigation, the district has taken steps so that the guards have no further contact with students. The district is also fully cooperating with the Suffolk County Police Department."