WOODBURY - News 12 has obtained the 911 calls and cellphone video that were played to a jury this week in the trial of a man accused of killing a Nassau County police officer.

The cellphone video was recorded by an off-duty NYPD officer as he noticed Nassau Police Officer Artie Lopez and his partner in a police truck pursuing a suspect on the Cross Island Parkway.

As News 12 has reported, Officer Robert Mancini became a witness to both the murders of Lopez and motorist Raymond Facey. In court, Mancini identified Darrell Fuller as the man who shot both of them.

Prosecutors played Mancini's cellphone video for the jury at Fuller's murder trial this week. The jury also heard Mancini's 911 call, as he chose to tail the suspect but could do nothing more because he was unarmed.

Jurors also heard a recording of the police radio calls between Lopez and his sergeant as they followed the man prosecutors say was Darrell Fuller. The radio calls would be some of Lopez's last words. The next words are his partner calling for help.