WOODBURY - A Suffolk County sheriff’s lieutenant and political boss who is under investigation has had a long history of questionable behavior, according to results of a Newsday/News 12 investigation. 

Ed Walsh is a political power broker who runs Suffolk's Conservative Party, and also earned more than $200,000 last year as a Suffolk County sheriff's lieutenant. 

However, the results of a Newsday/News 12 investigation show Walsh's past features multiple run-ins with the law and instances of questionable conduct.

Walsh says he did nothing wrong, but as News 12 has reported, he is one target of a sheriff's department investigation involving employees who allegedly falsified timesheets.

The investigation is the latest in a series of allegations against him. 

In 1984, as a college student at the University of Maryland, Walsh was charged with a fourth-degree misdemeanor sex offense for allegedly assaulting a woman after knocking down her boyfriend. Walsh served 12 months of probation. Records of that arrest were removed at Walsh's request by a Maryland state judge. However, two years ago, Legislator Kate Browning found out about the case. She called for an investigation into Walsh's hiring at the jail.

According to documents obtained by Newsday, sheriff's department investigators uncovered other issues when they vetted Walsh for a job with the department. 

Walsh and his attorney both declined multiple interview requests with News 12News 12 also reached out to the sheriff's department to learn how its timesheet investigation is progressing, but did not hear back. 

The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office did not return calls either.