WOODBURY - In a special edition of Long Island Talks tonight, News 12 held an interactive town hall focusing on the week-long "What's UP with School Taxes?" series.

During the 90-minute segment, several expert guests weighed in on the issue, while live remotes were set up across the Island allowing viewers to call in, share their opinions and get some of their questions answered.

One subject in the discussion was teachers' pay and benefits, which accounts for 70 percent of school district spending. Well paid school superintendents and a possible property tax cap were also hot topics up for debate.

On one side of the issue, many homeowners feel they are overtaxed, while school administrators say they're forced to take the heat for growing school budgets.

Most Long Islanders are in agreement that something needs to be done to alleviate the burden for everyone, with a popular option being mandated relief from the state.

What's UP with School Taxes Interactive Special

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